Firefox is a browser, the maintenance of effective and well suited to run fast. In fact, many users prefer to use Firefox for many plugins. Firefox has a lot of flexibility and many accessories that can be exploited to adapt the browser to suit your needs. Do you have a problem remains closed without notice and slow down your computer when you need a computer solution slowly.
There are several reasons why your computer may be slow right with Firefox.
# 1 Too many plugins installed. If you keep adding it reaches a point where some start wil be in conflict with others. Disable plugins one at a time to solve your problem.
# 2 malware attack your computer. You might think that firefox is quite slow down your computer when it is actually a malware. Do a search and analysis, to determine whether this is the case and obtain a solution slow computer ..
# 3 to update your version of Firefox. Ensure updated and look for the latest patches before for other causes.
# 4 Scan the registry. Your browser is dependent on the Windows registry to function correctly and slow broswer does not mean that your Internet connection is slow. You may have system files and registry corruption. You can fix this in minutes and get a computer fixed by a slow scan system registry and fix these problems automatically.
If Firefox is slow to scan your computer with a scanner and the host to the cause of the problem and to determine the speed of your computer again.